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Furry Friends & Travel Trends: 5 Unexpected Items to Pack for Your Dog

What's up, canine companions!

Traveling with your dog is an adventure, and like any great quest, it needs the perfect pack. Sure, you've got the essentials covered - leash, food, favorite toy, but there are a few oddball items you might not have thought of. Get ready to shake up your packing game with these five unexpected travel items for your dog.

Super cute alert dog sitting in a suitcase on a beach in Florida.
Away we go!

1. Paw Balm

Who doesn't love a good spa day? Just like our feet, a dog's paws can get dry and cracked, especially when hitting new terrain. A soothing paw balm can help keep those paws soft and healthy. Plus, your dog will feel like they're getting a fancy foot massage. Win-win!

2. Portable Shower

Mud puddles and dogs. A match made in heaven, right? Until you have to clean up. A portable dog shower can be a real day-saver. Compact and easy to use, it'll get your pup cleaned up in no time, so you can say 'yes' to that spontaneous romp in the park!

3. Doggy Sunscreen

Sun's out, tongues out! But while you're slathering on the SPF, don't forget about your furry friend. Dogs can get sunburned too, especially breeds with thin or light-colored coats. Dog-specific sunscreen can protect them from those strong rays. Remember, never use human sunscreen on dogs, as some ingredients can be harmful.

Happy collie laying down with a toy.
Yes pack the toys!

4. Interactive Toys

Travel can sometimes mean downtime for your dog while you're enjoying human-only activities. An interactive toy, like a puzzle feeder, can keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated. That way, they're having their own fun while you're out and about.

5. Calming Products

New environments can sometimes cause anxiety for dogs. Calming products like a cozy anxiety wrap, dog-friendly essential oils, or even a plush toy that mimics a heartbeat can provide comfort and soothe your pup in unfamiliar settings.

There you have it, five unexpected but game-changing items to pack for your dog's next adventure. Remember, every dog is unique, so pack according to their needs and you're sure to have a tail-waggingly good trip!

Amelia the FDB mascot
Have a pawsome adventure! - Amelia



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