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Ruffwear Front Range Harness Review: Unleash the Adventure!

Hey fellow dog lovers! Today, I want to share my paws-on experience with the Ruffwear Front Range harness. I'm always on the lookout for fantastic gear for my furry companions, and this harness definitely caught my eye.

Corgi sitting on a balcony with harnesses hanging on the door.
Ruffwear Front Range Harnesses in St. Augustine, FL

First impressions matter, right? Well, the Front Range harness didn't disappoint in that department. When I received it, I was impressed by its sturdy build and durable materials. This thing seems like it can handle any adventure, be it a leisurely stroll on the beach or an intense hike through the wilderness.

Putting it on my furry friend was a breeze. The harness features four points of adjustment, making it easy to find the perfect fit for my pup. Plus, it's designed to be comfortable and secure, so no more struggling to put it on or worrying about it slipping off when fitted properly.

One of the standout features is the two leash attachment points. You have the traditional back attachment, which is great for everyday walks and gives my dog enough freedom to explore without feeling restricted. But the Front Range harness also has a front chest attachment, which is a game-changer! It helps with training, especially for those strong pullers (like my enthusiastic GSD). The front attachment redirects their pulling motion, making walks much more enjoyable for both of us.

Another fantastic detail is the reflective trim. Living in Florida, we have our fair share of late-evening walks, and this feature provides an extra layer of safety, making sure we're visible to passing cars and pedestrians.

Now, I must address the elephant in the room - comfort. After all, we want our furry buddies to be happy, right? I'm pleased to report that my pup seemed perfectly at ease in the Front Range harness. The padding around the chest and belly areas prevents any chafing or discomfort during long walks or hikes.

Maintenance-wise, cleaning the harness is a breeze. It's machine washable, so after a muddy outing, I can toss it in the laundry and it's good as new!

The Ruffwear Front Range harness has undoubtedly earned a spot in my dog gear collection. Its durability, thoughtful design, and added safety features make it an excellent investment for any adventure-loving dog owner. So, if you're on the hunt for a reliable and comfortable harness for your four-legged friend, give the Front Range a try. Your pup will thank you for it, and you'll have more tail-wagging fun together!

And that's a wrap on our casual review of the Ruffwear Front Range harness keep an eye out for our video review to appear on our YouTube channel in the near future and find additional information on our FDB Gear page. I hope you found it helpful. Keep wagging those tails and stay tuned for more adventures on! 🐾

Amelia the FDB mascot
Have a pawesome adventure! - Amelia


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