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Happy mutt dog enjoying a comfy bed in a hotel room while on vacation travel in Florida


Where you stay can truly make the trip! Are you looking for amenities, location, views, ease, uniqueness, etc well there are options that cross all of these! Major hotels along with short-term are excellent options that we are all used to while camping can open a whole new adventure!

Chihuahua dog enjoying a comfy breakfast with room service in a Florida hotel

Hotels, Motels, & Resorts

Many national chains allow dogs! So you be sure to find a place to stay. 

Always double check the individual hotel's pet policy as maximum weight limits range from location to location.

Hound dog enjoy a beachfront ocean view from a short-term rental in Florida on vacation travel

Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals can provide a unique experience while providing additional privacy. Many are dog friendly even taking multiple dogs of large sizes. With easy to search these platforms open a different experience on adventures.

Dachshund hound dog outside an camping trailer in Florida on vacation travel


Camping is an option! Have an RV? No? Well you can rent one or even a cabin. Camping offers a different view of Florida during your trips and adventures. 

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