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Chihuahua very happily relaxing in it's carrier ready for travel


Travel is a key element of trips. Traveling to Florida and around in Florida can be unique when you have your pup along. Thankfully we have planes, trains, and automobiles as options that allow you and your furry travel companion to easily get around.

Jack Russel Terrier wearing sunglasses sitting in an airport next to it's carrier

Flying with your dog is popular

Florida has many airports throughout the state with a variety of airlines.
Major airlines work for most while a charter may provide that little extra your pup may be needing. Finding an option that works for you and your dogs trip to the Sunshine state.

Very happy little mutt pup sitting on a train car seat

Taking the train can be scenic

Trains? Yes trains! Trains are an option in Florida and they allow your pups!  You have different options depending on if you are traveling around the state or into the state. Trains are a great way to see the state pass by as you relax and enjoy the view.

Woman sitting with her Samoyed in the back of her SUV looking out at adventure

Rental cars and ride-shares

There is a wide arrange of options in Florida to motor around the state. Options like ride share allow you so request a driver for quick transport while renting a vehicle allows for endless road adventures with your pup during your trip.

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