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Barks & Bathrobes: Nailing Hotel Life with Your Furry Pal

Hey there, doggo road trippers!

Decided to bring your pup on your next hotel-hopping adventure? High paw! But let's be real, sharing a swanky hotel room with your dog is a bit different from them snoozing on your living room rug. So let's chew on some tips to make sure you and your fur baby are the talk of the hotel – for all the right reasons.

Beautiful hound dog in the lobby of a hotel checking in.
Check the breed and weight restrictions before you book!

1. Do a Sniff Test

Just like pups sniff each other out, you need to sniff out your hotel before booking. Does it welcome all breeds? Any hidden fees for pets? Where is your dog allowed and not allowed to tread their cute paws? Trust me, surprises are fun when there's a squeaky toy involved, not so much at hotel check-ins. Check out our Hotels page at for a starting point.

2. Pack it Up, Pup!

A well-stuffed doggy bag can be a real tail-saver. Don't forget their chow, leash, poop bags, and maybe even their favorite rubber chicken. Familiar smells can make a strange place feel like home for your pup.

3. Shush the Woofs

You know what can ruffle feathers at 3 AM? Your dog's impromptu howl-at-the-moon concert. If your fur baby is a bit chatty, bring something to keep them calm and distracted, like a good ol' chew toy.

4. Maid Time? Pawse.

If your room needs a clean-up, try to have your dog out of the room or in their crate. Not everyone is on #TeamDog (I know, weird, right?), and this can help avoid any jump scares for the cleaning crew.

An Aussie with the hotel maids cleaning supplies.
Room cleaning time = walk/adventure time!

5. Clean Paws, Good Vibes

"Leave no trace" isn't just for the hiking trails – it applies to hotel stays, too. Cleaning up after your pup (inside and out) shows you're a considerate guest and keeps the space paw-some for the next visitors.

6. Lone Wolf? Nope.

Your pup's used to having you around, so don't leave them alone in the room for too long. If you plan to be out exploring, look for local doggy daycares or pet-sitting services.

Staying in a hotel with your furry pal can be a ball of fun when you play by the rules. So, pack those bags (and the kibble), and hit the road. Get ready for some pawsome times and cozy cuddles!

Amelia the FDB mascot!
Have a pawsome adventure! - Amelia



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