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Paddle-boarding with Pooches: Splashin' Around the Sunshine State

What’s up, Florida Dog Blog family! You, me, our furry friends - we're all living the dream in this sunny paradise. But why not turn up the fun a notch with some paddleboarding?

Dog on a paddle board with a big smile.
Prep prep prep!

Prep Time: Safety and Training

No one's expecting your buddy to go from doggy paddle to surf champ overnight. Start by turning bath time into a mini-beach party, then graduate to local watering holes.

Getting your dog to chill on a paddleboard is like teaching them a new trick. Let them check it out on dry land, then add some water into the mix.

And hey, even sea dogs need life jackets, right? So, strap a snug-fitting, doggy life jacket on your buddy, and you're ready to roll.

The Perfect Ride

A good paddleboard for you and your pup is like a perfect stick for a game of fetch - big enough, sturdy, and just right. An inflatable board could be the ticket, as they're comfy and easy on the paws.

Paddling Hotspots

So, where can you and your four-legged friend show off your new skills? Here are some Florida gems:

  1. Sarasota Bay: Smooth, calm waters? Check. Great for paddleboarding newbies? Absolutely.

  2. Fort De Soto Park: Glide through mangroves, wave at the dolphins (but don't get too close), and enjoy a sweet ride.

  3. Key West: The tropical waters here are like a postcard come to life. Don't forget to take a selfie!

Very happy collie on a paddle board.
Enjoy the adventure!

Some Pointers

When you're both on the board, your dog should be at the front but not at the very edge. It might take a few belly flops to get the hang of things, but that's half the fun, right?

Bottom Line

Paddleboarding with your pooch isn't just about learning a new sport. It's about sunny days, big laughs, and making unforgettable memories. So, dive in, enjoy, and always remember - safety first!

Every dog has its own pace, so take it easy, and keep the vibe positive. Now, who's ready for some splish-splashing good times?

Amelia the FDB mascot
Have a pawsome adventure! - Amelia



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