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Paw-fect Storm: Hurricane Safety for Dogs

Hello, fellow Florida dog lovers!

As we all know, life in the Sunshine State can sometimes be interrupted by a less sunny event – hurricanes. These natural disasters are a part of life here, but that doesn't mean we can't prepare for them. As the owners of furry companions, we hold a special responsibility to keep them safe during such times. This blog will provide tips on hurricane safety with your dogs in mind.

A pair of dogs looking out on destruction after a hurricane.
Have a plan for your pups wellbeing

Tip #1: Prepare a Pet Emergency Kit

Just like we do for ourselves, it's crucial to have an emergency kit ready for our pets. Your dog's kit should include:

  • A two-week supply of food and water

  • Medications (if your pet takes any)

  • A leash and collar with an identification tag

  • Sanitary items such as waste bags and pet-friendly disinfectant

  • Copies of veterinary records and a photo of your pet (in case you get separated)

Tip #2: Arrange Safe Accommodation

Not all shelters or hotels allow pets, so it's important to research places that do. Compile a list of pet-friendly accommodations and keep it with your emergency kit.

Tip #3: Practice Makes Perfect

Dogs can sense when something is amiss, so do a few 'dry runs' of your evacuation plan. This will help familiarize your dog with the process and reduce anxiety when the real thing happens.

Tip #4: Ensure Your Dog Is Up-to-Date

Make sure your dog's vaccinations are up-to-date. In case of evacuation, your dog may be exposed to other pets, and keeping vaccinations current can help prevent disease transmission.

A dog wading through water after a hurricane.
Be prepared if your dog gets loose ... microchip!

Tip #5: Keep Calm and Carry On

Your dog can pick up on your stress, so try to remain as calm as possible. Maintain routines where you can, give your furry friend plenty of attention, and ensure their comfort during the storm.

Tip #6: Microchip Your Dog

In the unfortunate event that you are separated from your pet, having them microchipped can increase the chances of reunion. Make sure the chip's associated contact information is up-to-date.

Living in or visiting Florida, hurricanes are a reality we can't ignore, but with the right preparation, we can keep our four-legged family members safe. When the winds start howling, remember - their safety is in your hands.

Stay safe, and give your pup an extra belly rub from us!

Amelia the FDB mascot
Have a pawsome adventure! - Amelia



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